Recording Studio
Show yourself vividly and unforgettably! We offer a complex work from the advert script to voicing and post-processing. Our own studio and the base of professional announcers guarantee the quality and efficiency.
Create a memorable advertising image
The development and recording of audio commercials is a process that requires not only professional equipment, but also the experience and knowledge of specialized specialists. Our own professional studio and a large base of announcer voices let us implement the request of any complexity. Short production time, reasonable prices and an individual approach to creating advertising material will allow you to stand out from the crowd and make yourself known!
Just 3 steps to your audio image
Make up a text:
We will develop a script based on your task. You will need to approve the finished text only.
Choose a voice:
We will provide announcers to choose from for voicing the text, as well as variants of musical background.
We will record the advert, check the mastering quality, provide the documents and the commercial passport. You will only enjoy the result!
Look how we do it
Developing adverts that sell

A bright script is a key parameter for attracting the target audience attention. This is followed by the production stage: voice recording and spot mastering. To make an audio advert the most attractive to listeners, to evoke pleasant emotions and interest, it is important to choose the right announcer who will represent your company with his tone and timbre. Musical background plays a significant role too, as it should not dissonate with the voice. Our specialists will perfectly cope with the tasks of each stage - from script development to post-processing.

Own studio with a database of professional voices

We offer you a choice of professional announcers to implement the task of any complexity: from a strict information form or a funny feature advert to a stylish corporate jingle or a grand anthem of the company - any audio project will be easily realized by our voices. The announcers are recorded in the studio using professional equipment. This allows us to ensure a short production time, reasonable prices and an individual approach when creating advertising material. Stand out from the crowd and make yourself known!

Own production-library without deductions to RAO and WIPO

Our company is an exclusive copyright holder to its own music database, which does not require deductions to RAO and WIPO. All works are withdrawn from the register of accredited organizations. The soundtrack used to record a commercial does not require the payment of deductions. Isn’t the finished soundtrack able to give the desired emotion while listening to the audio clip? We will develop an individual musical background, taking into account all the intricacies and requirements of the brand.

Types of Adverts
Information Adverts
The task of the advertisement is to convey the message to the listener, to tell about products and services in a plain language. As a result it should pay attention to the characteristics or functions of the advertised item and form a message to use them.

Information video 1

Information video 2

Informational 3

Complex-Information Adverts
When the expressiveness of the means of the information advert becomes insufficient, the use of a musical background and sound effects gives much more opportunities to convey the mood.

Difficult informational 1

Difficult informational 2

Difficult informational 3

Feature Adverts
A feature commercial is the most demanded, popular and efficient marketing tool of an advertising campaign. It can arouse interest and at the same time reveal the essence of the advertised product or service.

Game 3

Game 2

Game 1

Song Adverts
Taking into account the oversaturation of the broadcast with advertisements, the development of song ads is reasonable. When you use bright vocals, musical effects and energetic soundtracks, you remember not only the content of the commercial, but the tune also.

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Navigation Adverts
The task of the navigation adverts is to give a visitor information about additional services. They include service messages of the trade enterprise about parking, cloakroom, elevator, escalator, entertainment area and delivery services.

Нави 1

Нави 2

Нави 3

Adverts for PBX
Most businesses use private branch exchanges. Configure them as a multitask tool for greeting, routing, calling the right person and notifying when your working day is over.




Broadcast Design Adverts
The broadcast design ads are the sound face of the company. A set of messages accompanying the daily broadcast include the notification of the work schedule, information about fire safety as well as congratulation announcements.

Clothes 1

Clothes 2

Clothes 3

Jingle is a short musical pattern containing a catchy tune and most often a chant. It can be used independently as well as an element that assembles advertisements into a single campaign.

Jingle 1

Jingle 2

Jingle 3

Announcers Catalogue
A large base of announcers to create a diverse advertising broadcast,
with an opportunity to choose your brand voice.
Female announcer's voice
Male announcer’s voice
Children's voices
What are the final technical parameters of the advert?
Can I choose an announcer to voice my advert?
Does the soundtrack used in the ad require any deductions?
Is the advert passport provided?
Do you develop an advert script?
How long should the selling advert be?
How long will it take to develop the ad?
How does the cost change when the advert timing increases?
You may need the following services
MSBOX Music Server
Get the unlimited access to a large music catalogue. Manage your broadcast without leaving the office!
Broadcast Selling
Make the broadcast work for you! We know how to make it the source of additional income. We organize the "Sound Advertising" service.

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