Creating Audio and Video Broadcast
We have different options of technological solutions for launching audio and video broadcast. Choose the one that is convenient for you, and we will configure and deliver the equipment.
MSBOX Player
The MSBOX Player is a reliable solution that automatically plays audio and video broadcast of any complexity without the staff participation. Broadcasting is controlled remotely via your personal account. The MSBOX player allows you to create a comprehensive broadcast consisting of advertising messages, ads, and music. Receive, connect it and enjoy your rest – MSBOX will work instead of you! The solution is perfect for both large network marketers and small businesses.
Unlimited access to the entire music database without deductions to RAO and WIPO.
Individual broadcast for any number of objects.
The unique Volume Control Module development records any changes in the volume of the broadcast in its report.
MSBOX Software
Is your task to ensure a reliable broadcast but there are no budgets for the purchase of additional equipment? This solution is for you! We will provide software for different configurations of your hardware: beginning with a separate application to software for a dedicated server. Our specialists will prepare the installer for the individual parameters of your object. Install it on your equipment and take the advantages of audio and video automated broadcast. Manage it yourself through a convenient online service or allow our specialists to control the air and implement all your wishes.
Minimum configuration requirements for your equipment.
The broadcast works automatically and without interruptions, even in case of Internet problems.
Full broadcast control via a convenient online service.
Internet MS-Radio
MS-Radio is the fastest way to organize audio broadcast without equipment costs. The broadcast source is a link to the streaming service. You can use any device or software that supports live streaming to run it. Administration is possible via your personal account. MS-Radio means broadcasting in 5 minutes! This solution requires a stable Internet connection.
Start the broadcast with one click.
Work without special equipment.
Use MS-Radio on your website as an additional element of marketing communications.
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