Creating Audio and Video Broadcast
Save your time on the broadcast organization with the help of automated technologies.
Remote management and control via your personal account. Say “No!” to hard work. “Yes!” to speed and broadcast of any complexity for an unlimited number of objects.
Use ready-made playlists without deductions to RAO and WIPO, or create your own unique ones.
Live Broadcast with DJ Service is a unique opportunity to turn your broadcast into a radio station with a presenter and incoming calls from listeners.
Our team is in touch 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
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Music without Deductions to RAO and WIPO
We offer licensed music only. You do not need to make deductions to RAO and WIPO.
The music editor will create a functional playlist tailored for your target audience.
Use the online music service to work with ready-made playlists or form a personal one using convenient filters.
Do you need a thematic content such as New Year's mood, Spanish melodies, oriental tunes, or Russian folklore? You can choose music for all occasions.
Selling Audio and Video Broadcast
Do you want to express yourself with the maximum result? We offer you an advertising channel with a large territorial coverage.
It is impossible to turn our channel over! There are hundreds of broadcasts per week and thousands of listeners.
We know everything about advertising - we will organize an advertising platform, attract advertisers and create a complex broadcast that will work for you.
Create your company’s advertising channel - let the broadcast work.
Recording Studio
Create your recognizable advertising image.
Thanks to our studio we can develop commercials of any complexity for you in the shortest possible time.
Choose your brand voice from a diverse base of announcers.
We will go through all the stages together: from the development of the script to the approval of the ready-made spot.
Music by business area
Thematic Content, New Year, March 8, May 9
Shopping/Shopping and Entertainment Centers
Grocery Retail
Cafes, Bars, Restaurants
Brand Stores
Children’s Music
Jewelry Stores
Perfume and Cosmetics Stores
Sports and Fitness
Furniture Centers
Digital and Home Appliances Stores
Petrol Stations
About Us
Sales Support Service - smart technologies of creating audio and video broadcasts for business purposes.
Simple. Quick. Reliable
Make your business more efficient
with the sound and visual technologies
Create a comprehensive audio and video broadcast
Add commercials, adverts and playlists through your personal account, and the system automatically implements the broadcast according to a given schedule without human participation.
Develop a bright advertisement
Create your recognizable advertising image. We carry out a complex work - from writing the script, selecting author's music to voicing and recording the finished material. < br > You will be heard with us!
Create an individual musical image
A well-chosen musical arrangement is the key to your success! The music database without deductions to RAO and WIPO will meet the needs of any business sphere. We will create a functional playlist of any complexity in a short time.
Organize an advertising platform
Selling advertising time is a source of additional income. We are take on obligations to finding advertisers for your broadcast and supporting the project at all stages.
MSBOX Player
The MSBOX player is a reliable solution to organize audio and video broadcast of any complexity automatically without the staff participation. Broadcasting is controlled remotely via your personal account. The MSBOX player allows you to create a comprehensive broadcast consisting of advertising messages, ads and music. Receive it, connect and have a rest! MSBOX will work instead of you! The solution is perfect for both large network marketers and small businesses.
Unlimited access to the entire music base without deductions to RAO and WIPO.
Individual broadcast for any number of objects.
Unique Volume Control Module development records any changes in the volume of the broadcast in its report.
Benefits of working with us
We work on the principle of "one window", implementing support at all stages: from the very beginning and throughout the entire cooperation
Let’s start your broadcast
We will provide you with ready-made and configured equipment. Just connect and enjoy it!
Music without deductions
We have own database of functional music without deductions to RAO and WIPO.
Legal support
Our legal department will provide a written response to any RAO or WIPO requests within 24 hours.
We are in touch 24/7
Our team is in touch 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Let’s create original content
Our studio gives you a chance to develop selling advertising content in the shortest possible time.
We’ll organize the selling of broadcast
Advertising is a powerful tool in brand promotion! We will make your broadcast profitable.
Personal Account
Try for Free
A convenient and functional service for managing audio and video broadcast from anywhere in the world. Explore its features right now!
For 30 days, you can test the technology and music at your facility for free.
To Advertisers
Advertising is most effective in places where goods and services are sold. The buyer has an opportunity to respond to the information received and make a purchase "here and now".
You can choose from a large territorial coverage of advertising platforms.
Record the commercial in our studio and post it immediately on the channel of interest.
Control the broadcast of your advert online.
About Us
Our company has more than 15 years of successful work, thanks to the right course, the involvement of the best specialists and the trust of our customers. Today we hold one of the leading positions in the field of creating audio and video broadcast of trading enterprises.
We try to keep up with the times, so we use modern highly automated technologies to improve and successfully develop our clients' business.
We have done everything possible to ensure that you spend a minimum of money and effort to build an effective system of high-quality audio and video design of your business such as convenient and easy management of the broadcast, reliable and stable equipment, a music database without deductions to RAO and WIPO, professional recording studio, organizing the sale of audio and video advertising. Every day we get bigger. Join us, too!
Sales Support Service
  • Over 15 years on the market.
    We know and love our business!
  • A friendly team of professionals
  • Always open to dialogue
  • Our customers' feedback helps us improve our services

    Any questions? Just text us. We will be glad to help you!
    We will respond within 15 minutes. We will help you choose the optimal solution and answer all your questions.
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