Selling Audio and Video Ads
Turn your broadcast into a source of income. Make it an effective advertising platform. Ads work and you earn money!
Make your own advertising channel
The information on the internal radio air helps visitors to navigate better among the abundance of offers. Most people make the choice "here and now". The buyer has the opportunity to respond immediately to the received advertising information. That is why audio and video advertising works effectively at trade points. We can make your company's broadcast a source of income. Turning the broadcast into an advertising platform allows to attract advertisers on a long-term basis.
An advertising channel that cannot be switched.
We are in charge of all launch stages: we will organize an advertising platform, attract advertisers and create a comprehensive broadcast that works for you.
We offer advertisers an advertising channel with a large territorial coverage.

Turn your broadcast into a source of income! Advertisers will get access to the target audience, and you will get profit from placing commercials on your air. Suppliers of goods and services, tenants - everyone has competitive advantages that need to be declared to their market segment. Audio and video advertising at points of sale is the perfect channel to communicate with the target customer!

We offer a complex service for the air sale

Selling the broadcast of trading enterprises is a good opportunity to make a profit without incurring costs. Our company undertakes the search for advertisers and placement of advertising on the air "from beginning to end". The most important thing in selling the broadcast of a trading enterprise is to find and interest a potential client. The process is quite complex and time consuming. It requires special training and skills. This task will be perfectly completed by our Advertising Department managers. At the end of the month, you are to receive a detailed report and profit to your account.

Efficient Advertising Channel

The main channels of information perception are vision, hearing, and senses. The first two are the leading ones for more than 80% of people. Audio and video advertising at points of sale represents the effective interaction of the brand with the target audience. We offer the ad placement in a large number of shopping and retail complexes, where everyone will see and hear you. A detailed map of the objects can be requested from a specialist of the Advertising Department.

How long should the selling advert be?
You may need the following services
MSBOX Music Server
Get the unlimited access to a large music catalogue. Manage your broadcast without leaving the office!
Recording Studio
Create your own vivid audio image! We have a recording studio with a base of professional announcers. We can develop commercials of any complexity.

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