Celebration is a long-awaited and magical event. Create the right mood for your visitors to meet what is important for them!
Functional music that evokes the right emotions

Holidays are the perfect time to sell. Many businesses start preparing to create a positive background for making purchases a few weeks before the festive date. Decorating windows, events, seasonal interiors do not work properly without the «cherry on the cake» — musical background. Only the right music can penetrate into the most secret corners of the soul and create a complete picture and a festive atmosphere.

To create the perfect broadcast is simple:
Develop a high-quality playlist
When forming a playlist the following factors are taken into account: the tempo parameters affect the speed of the visitors flow; the time of day matters, since the target audience differs by day; the tonality of the tracks according to the "Camelot Wheel" algorithm allows you to form playlists using the parameters of harmonic mixing.
You can create a playlist in a convenient online service by yourself, as well as entrust this task to our specialists.
Launch ads, navigation and current promo-actions
Broadcast is a means of navigation that will help you find your way in the trading space "here and now". With its help, visitors will be informed about the products and services presented, interesting seasonal offers, and receive emotional support from congratulatory spots.
BONUS: when signing a contract on remote administration and audio/ video broadcast control technology, the package of broadcast design adverts and thematic greetings is available free of charge.
Sell the broadcast time
Selling the air is an additional option for making a profit, without additional costs. Our company undertakes the searching for advertisers and running the placement of adverts on the air "from the beginning to end". The most important thing in selling the air is to find and interest a potential client. The process is quite complex and time-consuming, but our specialists know all the subtleties and will make your broadcast as profitable as possible.
Example of an Efficient Broadcast

Festive New Year music

Thematic content for March 8

Thematic content for May 9

Oriental motives

Spanish melodies

Russian folklore

What is the procedure in case RAO or WIPO audit comes ?
Efficient Broadcast Products
MSBOX Music Server
Get the unlimited access to a large music catalogue. Manage your broadcast without leaving the office!
Recording Studio
Create your own vivid audio image! We have a recording studio with a base of professional announcers. We can develop commercials of any complexity.
Broadcast Selling
Make the broadcast work for you! We know how to make it the source of additional income. We organize the "Sound Advertising" service.

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