All the advantages of MSBOX technology for organizing audio broadcast can be obtained by using your equipment.
Create a reliable broadcast with your hardware
Create a reliable broadcast with your hardware
Do you have the technological resources that can be used to organize the audio broadcast? We will provide software for different configurations of your hardware: beginning with a separate application to software for a dedicated server. Broadcast is controlled via a convenient online service - your personal account. After installation, you get a ready-made MSBOX player and use all its advantages i.e. automatic audio broadcast with remote administration and control.
Minimum configuration requirements for your hardware.
The broadcast works automatically and without interruptions, even in case of Internet problems.
Full broadcast control via a convenient online service.
Advantages of MSBOX Software
Functions of the personal account
  • Creating broadcast for the unlimited number of objects, taking time zones into account.

  • Creating a flexible work schedule for trading objects by day of the week.

  • Possibility to group objects by certain feature and manage the group as a single object.

  • Broadcast programming of audio and video clips according to a media plan of any complexity.

  • Special system of analyzing the advertising blocks loading, informing about the lack of space in the block for loading new ads.

  • Making the accounting documentation for advertising placement.

  • Using standard playlists that are constantly updated, as well as creating an individual one according to your personal preferences.

  • Getting detailed reports on the broadcast and the MSBOX complex operation.

No hardware costs

If you have an individual system unit or space on your Windows computer, we will provide the MSBOX software to organize the audio broadcast. Minimal hardware configuration requirements allow software to be installed on almost any hardware. Our specialists will prepare the necessary installer, everything you need is to run it from a USB flash drive and the MSBOX player deployed on your equipment is ready to work!

«Live Broadcast with DJ» Service

The Company is celebrating its birthday and is the task to organize a congratulatory online broadcast with the host and the possibility of incoming calls from listeners? Or is it necessary to transmit simultaneously an online appeal of the Holding's Management to a large number of objects located in different time zones? "MSBOX Player" technology allows you to turn audio broadcast into your own radio station for the required period of time.

Use legal content
You will not need to make deductions to the intellectual property management organizations of RAO and WIPO. We sign a license agreement that you receive the permission of the copyright holder for the public performance of music. The sum for the use of the transferred rights is specified in the contract and it is final.
Do you want to implement MSBOX Software in your company?
Contact us at: + 7 (499) 703-35-40 or leave your contacts via the feedback form and our specialist will contact you as soon as possible.
Personal Account
Try for Free
A convenient and functional service for managing audio and video broadcast from anywhere in the world. Explore its features right now!
For 30 days, you can test the technology and music at your facility for free.
What hardware parameters are required to install the software?
Who configures the hardware and how to connect it?
What Internet speed is necessary?
You may need the following services
Recording Studio
Create your own vivid audio image! We have a recording studio with a base of professional announcers. We can develop commercials of any complexity.
Broadcast Selling
Make the broadcast work for you! We know how to make it the source of additional income. We organize the "Sound Advertising" service.

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